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TruCheck Early Cancer Screening Blood Test

Truchecktestproductimage We are delighted to introduce our revolutionary service, Goodbody TrueCheck, a cutting-edge cancer blood test that brings a new era of early detection and prevention. Our commitment to your well-being drives us to provide the most advanced medical solutions, ensuring you and your loved ones stay healthy and secure.

Discover Goodbody TrueCheck: Early detection is vital in the battle against cancer, and our Goodbody TrueCheck cancer blood test is a game-changer. It utilizes state-of-the-art technology to analyse a simple blood sample for specific biomarkers associated with various types of cancer. Our test empowers our team of skilled specialists to identify potential cancer risks at the earliest stages, even before symptoms manifest.

What Makes Goodbody TrueCheck Unique?

  1. Non-Invasive and Painless: The Goodbody TrueCheck test is a non-invasive alternative to traditional cancer screenings. It requires only a small blood sample, making the process painless and convenient for all patients.
  2. Highly Accurate: Our test boasts exceptional accuracy, providing reliable results that aid in precise diagnosis and subsequent treatment planning.
  3. Comprehensive Cancer Panel: The Goodbody TrueCheck cancer blood test covers an extensive range of cancer types, enabling us to detect potential risks across various organs and systems.
  4. Early Detection Saves Lives: By detecting cancer in its early stages, we significantly enhance the chances of successful treatment and recovery, offering you and your family peace of mind.

How It Works:

  1. Consultation: Your journey begins with a telephone consultation with our experienced medical team. We will discuss your medical history, family background, and any potential risk factors to determine if the TrueCheck test is suitable for you.
  2. Blood Sample Collection: If the test is recommended, we will collect a small blood sample, which will be sent to Goodbody’s  laboratory for analysis.
  3. Laboratory Analysis: The laboratory facilities will analyse your blood sample, looking for specific biomarkers associated with various types of cancer.
  4. Expert Evaluation: Once the results are ready, their team of skilled oncologists and specialists will interpret the findings and create a personalized report.
  5. Tailored Recommendations: Based on your results, their team will provide tailored recommendations for further evaluation, preventive measures, or any necessary treatments. Any further treatments or tests are not included in the price.

Is Goodbody a trusted company? Yes, Godbody is CQC Registered, has HACCP approval and UKAS accreditation. Accreditations

Booking Process for Goodbody TrueCheck Cancer Blood Test:

Step 1: Patient Information Form

  • The patient visits our website and navigates to the “Book Appointment” page.
  • On the page, there is a “Goodbody TrueCheck Test” section that contains a form for the patient to fill out with their personal and medical details.
  • The form includes fields such as name, age, contact information, medical history, family history of cancer, and any specific symptoms or concerns the patient may have.
  • The consultation fee of £50 is payable at the time of requesting this point and it is non refundable
  • The patient submits the form, and the data is securely transmitted to our system.

Step 2: Submission to Goodbody Company

  • Upon form submission, the patient’s information is automatically forwarded to Goodbody Company, our trusted partner responsible for pre-check consultations.

Step 3: Pre-Check Consultation

  • If the patient meets the criteria, Goodbody  contacts the patient to schedule a pre-check consultation with a qualified doctor from Goodbody.
  • The pre-check consultation can be conducted via video call, phone call, or in-person, depending on the patient’s preference and availability.
  • During the pre-check, the Goodbody doctor discusses the test, addresses any questions or concerns the patient may have, and assesses whether the test is appropriate for the patient’s needs.

Step 4: Referral and Test Booking

  • After the pre-check consultation, if the doctor determines that the Goodbody TrueCheck test is suitable for the patient, Truebody Company refers the patient back to Murakami Medical Centre for the test.
  • The patient is promptly contacted by our clinic to schedule the blood test appointment at a convenient date and time and takes full payment at time of booking

Step 5: Blood Test

  • On the scheduled date, the patient visits our clinic for the Goodbody TrueCheck cancer blood test.
  • Our trained medical staff performs the blood sample collection, ensuring a comfortable and smooth experience for the patient.
  • The blood sample is given to the patient for the patient to post

Step 6: Test Results and Follow-up

  • Once the test results are available, Goodbody’s team of specialists analyses the findings and generates a comprehensive report.
  • The patient is contacted again to schedule a follow-up appointment with one of  Goodbody’s doctors to discuss the test results and any recommended further actions or treatments, if necessary.

Throughout the entire process, patient confidentiality and data security are of the utmost importance, and all information is handled in compliance with relevant privacy regulations.

At [Clinic Name], we prioritize patient care and ensure a seamless experience from booking to post-test consultation. Our partnership with Truebody Company and the expertise of the Goodbody medical team allow us to offer you the most advanced cancer blood test and personalized healthcare services. Take the first step towards early cancer detection and better health by booking your appointment with us today!

£50 to be taken in advance for the pre check consultation and the remaining £1149, if suitable to carry on with the test, at the time of booking the blood test with Murakami Medical Centre.


Responsibility Disclaimer:

At Murakami Medical Services, we are committed to providing exceptional phlebotomy services for the Goodbody TrueCheck cancer blood test. However, it is essential to clarify that certain aspects of the booking process, pre-check consultation, and test results interpretation are the sole responsibility of the third-party company, Truebody Company.

  1. Consultation and Test Results:
    • The pre-check consultation and any medical advice provided during the consultation are managed and conducted by Truebody Company’s team of qualified medical professionals.
    • Truebody Company assumes full responsibility for ensuring that the pre-check consultation is conducted appropriately and that the patient receives accurate information.
  2. Booking Process:
    • The patient information form and its transmission to Truebody Company are facilitated by our clinic, Murakami Medical Services. However, the handling and processing of patient data are managed by Truebody Company in compliance with relevant data protection regulations.
  3. Test Results Interpretation:
    • Once the blood sample is collected by our trained medical staff, it is sent to Truebody Company’s laboratory for analysis.
    • Truebody Company’s team of specialists is solely responsible for interpreting the test results and generating the comprehensive report.
  4. Liability and Insurance:
    • While we take every precaution to ensure the safety and comfort of our patients during the phlebotomy process, any potential liability related to the pre-check consultation, test results interpretation, and subsequent medical advice lies with Truebody Company.
    • Patients should review the terms and conditions and any applicable insurance coverage provided by Truebody Company for the pre-check consultation and test results interpretation.

Our Role: Murakami Medical Services is specialized in providing phlebotomy services, offering a safe and efficient blood sample collection process for the Goodbody TrueCheck cancer blood test. Our trained and experienced phlebotomists are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience for our patients during this crucial step in the early detection and prevention of cancer.

Patient Care and Comfort: While certain aspects of the Goodbody TrueCheck process are managed by Truebody Company, our commitment to patient care remains unwavering. We strive to offer a welcoming and supportive environment for all our patients, and we are always available to address any questions or concerns related to the phlebotomy process.

Collaborative Approach: The collaboration between Murakami Medical Services and Truebody Company allows us to provide a comprehensive and streamlined experience for our patients, ensuring that they receive the highest level of care throughout their journey towards early cancer detection and improved health outcomes.

We appreciate your trust in Murakami Medical Services, and we are honored to play a crucial role in this partnership. If you have any inquiries or require further information about our phlebotomy services for the Goodbody TrueCheck cancer blood test, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Goodbody TrueCheck Cancer Blood Test – Patient Information Form

Patient Information:

  • Full Name: ______________________________
  • Date of Birth: ____________________________
  • Gender: _________________________________
  • Contact Number: _________________________
  • Email Address: __________________________


  • Street Address: __________________________
  • City: _________________________________
  • State/Province: __________________________
  • Postal/ZIP Code: _________________________

Medical History:

  • Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions? If yes, please specify: __________________________________________
  • Have you ever been diagnosed with cancer? (Please note that if you have, you are not eligible for this test) ___________________

Family History of Cancer:

  • Are there any family members (parents, siblings, or children) who have had a history of cancer? If yes, please provide details: __________________________________________

Symptoms or Concerns:

  • Are you experiencing any specific symptoms or health concerns that you would like to discuss with the doctor? If yes, please describe: __________________________________________


  • I hereby consent to the collection and processing of my personal and medical information for the purpose of scheduling a pre-check consultation for the Goodbody TrueCheck cancer blood test. I understand that my data will be shared with Truebody Company for this purpose.
  • I acknowledge that there is a non-refundable consultation fee of £50 to be paid before the pre-check consultation. I also understand that the total cost for the Goodbody TrueCheck test, including the consultation fee, is £1199 if I am eligible for the test.
  • I confirm that the information provided in this form is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge.

Signature: _________________________________ Date: _____________________________________

Please return the completed form to [Clinic Name] at [Contact Information] or submit it online through our website. Once we receive your information, our team will forward it to Truebody Company for further evaluation and scheduling of the pre-check consultation with a Goodbody doctor.

Thank you for choosing [Clinic Name] and taking a proactive step towards early cancer detection and personalized healthcare. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us.

[Disclaimer: The patient’s personal and medical information will be handled with strict confidentiality and in compliance with data protection regulations. By signing this form, the patient agrees to the terms and conditions related to the booking process and the responsibilities of Murakami Medical Services and Truebody Company.]