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Complaints Procedure

Raising a concern

If you or a family member have a concern, this should be raised directly with the caregiver caring for you. At Murakami Medical Centre our procedure is to allow the caregivers and staff members to initially address any concerns to ensure that a swift response is always provided. This would not be considered a complaint but will be addressed and discussed with you.

Our caregivers may need to escalate the feedback to a senior colleague on duty and/or our Manager for further intervention or support.

All comments and complaints are investigated thoroughly and are confidential.

Do you have a complaint to make?

If after you have raised your concern, you are not happy with the response/actions from your caregiver or staff member, you can raise a complaint.

At Murakami Medical Centre, we always strive to meet your needs at the first juncture, but if you have a negative experience which results in wishing to complain, please rest assured that we are a pro-solutions service & will work proactively with you to resolve any issue raised.

If you wish to raise a complaint, please contact us using the details below:

EMAIL: admin@murakamiclinic.co.uk

TEL: 020 8961 1117

POSTAL ADDRESS: Murakami Medical Centre 7 Craven Park Road, NW10 8SE, London

If you want to do so verbally, the staff member will have to take several details from you in order to allow the manager to investigate the matter fully.

You can also contact us using a trusted party if required- your complaint will be dealt with in strict confidence & we will be positive in approaching a resolution, using your suggestions to craft better services moving forward.

Whilst we hope to work to your standards from first contact, if you feel we should be aware of issues which you would like us to resolve, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I make a written complaint?

In the event you wish to make a formal written complaint, please write to us directly no later than six months after the incident occurred. If your concern took place more than six months after you raised it, we may not be able to fully assist you with your complaint.

All complaints are investigated thoroughly and are confidential. Your letter should include a summary of your complaint and both where and when the events took place.

If a relative or friend wishes to raise a complaint on your behalf, we will require written
consent from you before we can discuss information related to your care. This is to ensure your confidentiality is protected. Murakami Medical Centre will also share a summary of the complaint with you as it is important for you to understand the contents of the complaint being raised.

When you make a complaint Murakami Medical Centre will share your complaint with the relevant caregiver and/or your consultant to help us investigate your feedback and provide you with a response. If you do not wish for us to contact the relevant caregiver or consultant, please let us know although, this will limit our investigation on your behalf.

Murakami Medical Centre is a member of MEDSU’s Complaints Management Framework, adherent to CQC Regulation 16 and 20  

Process for Lodging a Complaint with Murakami Medical Centre:

1. Initiating the Complaint:

a. Patients or their representatives who wish to lodge a complaint should do so in writing (via letter or email) to Murakami Medical Centre‘s Management or Senior Director, using the contact information provided in the Complaints Policy.

b. If the complainant prefers to remain anonymous, they should indicate this at the beginning of their communication.

c. From here, an initial review and “triage” of the complaint must be initiated to decide whether the complaint corresponds with further issues, reportable areas etc such as fiscal, criminal or professional body reportable, and from here must be categorised accordingly, along with any appropriate steps like escalation to other bodies.

2. Acknowledgment of Complaint:

a. Murakami Medical Centre will acknowledge the receipt of the complaint within 3 working days from the date of receiving it.

b. The acknowledgment will provide a summary of the actions that will be taken and an assurance of a response within 20 working days.

3. Investigation Process:

a. Murakami Medical Centre will conduct a thorough and fair investigation into the complaint.

b. The investigation may involve gathering information, reviewing relevant records, and obtaining written statements from involved parties.

4. Timescales for Resolution:

a. Murakami Medical Centre aims to complete the investigation within three months from the date of the complaint’s receipt.

b. A full written response will be provided to the complainant within 20 working days from the completion of the investigation.

5. Extended Timeframe:

a. If the investigation cannot be concluded within the 20 working days, Murakami Medical Centre will inform the complainant of the reasons for the delay and provide an estimated response date.

6. Stage 2 Escalation (if applicable):

a. If the complainant is dissatisfied with the response from Stage 1, they have the option to escalate the complaint to Stage 2.

b. To escalate, the complainant must notify Murakami Medical Centre within 20 working days of receiving the response from Stage 1

c. If Murakami Medical Centre wishes to escalate to external review phase, they must also notify both MEDSU that a complaint is to be escalated and the complainant

7. Acknowledgment of Stage 2 Complaint:

a. MEDSU will acknowledge the receipt of the Stage 2 complaint within 5 working days, and will provide letters to Murakami Medical Centre & complainant that the complaint has been transferred.

b. The acknowledgment will discuss outstanding matters and initiate an objective review.

c. Any requests for further information will also necessitate a further clarification of the timeframe.

8. Stage 2 Response:

a. MEDSU will instruct Murakami Medical Centre that they will aim to provide a written response to the Stage 2 complaint within 20 working days of receiving it.

b. If more time is required, Murakami Medical Centre and the complainant will be informed of the reasons for the delay and an anticipated response date.

9. Stage 3 – Independent Adjudication (if applicable):

a. If the complainant remains dissatisfied after Stage 2, they may choose to proceed to Stage 3, which offers independent adjudication by Murakami Medical Centre.

b. The complainant must provide a summary of outstanding matters, and an Independent Adjudicator will be appointed to review the case.

10. Resolution and Remedies:

a. Murakami Medical Centre will provide a full and comprehensive written response to the complainant, including details of the investigation, findings, response, learning points, and any remedies offered.

b. Remedies may include goodwill payments, apologies, and recommended changes in practice based on the adjudication decision.

11. Timescales for Overall Complaint Handling:

a. Murakami Medical Centre aims to complete each stage of the complaints process within three months, from the date of receiving the complaint.

b. The entire process, including all stages, should be concluded within 6 months from the date of the original complaint.

12. Alternative Dispute Resolution:

a. Throughout the process, Murakami Medical Centre may suggest mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method if both parties agree to explore this option.

Murakami Medical Centre is dedicated to resolving complaints efficiently and fairly, with a focus on providing the highest quality of care and service to our patients.