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Dr Kiran Sodha



Dr Kiran Sodha is an experienced GP, specialising in Metabolic and Mental Health services with a particular focus on Lifestyle Medicine.
Appointments with Dr Sodha are provided remotely, via online video consultation.
He supports patients to achieve longevity; living longer and healthier lives.
Dr Sodha has a focus on the root cause of illness, reversal and remission of conditions such as type 2 diabetes, anxiety and depression.
Metabolic Health: 
Type 2 Diabetes & Pre-diabetes
Weight Loss
Fatty Liver Disease
Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
Mental Health: 
These conditions often require a more in-depth assessment; appointments are 30 minutes in duration to allow for adequate assessment, management and treatment during the appointment.
Dr Sodha has practiced across the UK in the Midlands, North East, Central & Greater London Boroughs. He did his medical degree at Newcastle University before training as a GP in London.
He has supported training for undergraduate students at UCL, Imperial and King’s College London. He has also overseen clinical training and development for pharmacists and supported training for physician associates in General Practice.
He is currently the chair of the Special Interest Group for Type 2 Diabetes for the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, supporting cross-organisational collaboration in diabetes support.
Dr Sodha has first hand and family-related experience of metabolic and mental health conditions; these are the conditions hugely affecting the modern world, and it is his mission to help prevent, alleviate and reverse the suffering associated with these conditions.
Dr Sodha has practiced primarily in London, with a prior long-term GP position at Primrose Hill Surgery from 2015-2024 where he was the diabetes and weight loss clinical lead.
Dr Kiran Sodha also provides Lifestyle focused Type 2 Diabetes Programs with Mahi.Health, delivering programs privately and in the NHS.