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Children’s Check-up



UntitleddesignAt Murakami Medical Centre, we understand the importance of nurturing your child’s health and well-being from the earliest days of life through their developmental journey until they reach 18 years old.

Our Well-Child Check-Up program is designed to support parents in ensuring their child’s growth and development progress optimally.


Our Check-Up Includes:

  • General Physician Consultation: Our experienced doctors provide comprehensive medical evaluations, addressing any concerns and offering expert guidance on your child’s health.
  • Head to Toe Physical Examination: A thorough physical examination to assess overall health, detect potential issues early, and monitor your child’s growth milestones.
  • Developmental Screening: Regular assessment to track your child’s developmental progress, ensuring they reach key milestones at appropriate ages.
  • Hearing Screening: Early detection of hearing impairments to support language and cognitive development.
  • Blood Pressure Screening: Monitoring blood pressure to identify any abnormalities early on.
  • Immunizations Check: Ensuring your child is up-to-date with essential vaccinations to safeguard against preventable diseases.
  • Anaemia Screening: Detecting and managing anaemia to ensure optimal oxygen transport in the body.
  • Urinalysis: Evaluating kidney function and identifying any urinary tract issues.
  • Ova and Parasite Stool Exam: Screening for parasites and infections that may impact your child’s health.
  • Blood Test: Our comprehensive blood test is designed to provide a detailed analysis of your child’s health, covering a wide range of parameters, including:
    • Haematology (FBC + ESR)
    • Kidney Function Tests (Sodium + Potassium + Chloride + Bicarbonate + Urea + Creatinine + eGFR)
    • Liver Function Tests (Bilirubin, Alkaline Phosphatase, AST, ALT, Gamma GT, Total Protein, Albumin, Globulin)
    • Cardiac/Muscle Enzymes (LDH, CK)
    • Bone Markers (Calcium, Phosphate, Uric Acid)
    • Glucose
    • Triglycerides
    • Cholesterol
    • Iron
    • Total Iron Binding


Affordable Price:

We believe in accessible and comprehensive healthcare for every child. Our Well-Child Check-Up program is available at a competitive price of £240.

Invest in your child’s health and secure a bright and healthy future. We look forward to partnering with you on this journey of nurturing your child’s well-being.

Booking Process:

  1. Initiate the process by selecting the “Book Blood Test” tile to secure an appointment for your child’s blood test. As you take this pivotal first step, the full payment will be seamlessly processed.
  2. Upon confirming the blood test appointment, seamlessly proceed to schedule the subsequent doctor’s appointment. Ensure that you enter the children’s details accurately for a smooth booking process.



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