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Psychological services

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Our aim is to develop supportive, open, honest and transparent relationships with children and their families. Ascertaining the views, wishes and feelings of the child, as well as their families.

In addition to monitoring and assessing the needs of the child and support the welfare of the family to improve people’s lives by helping with social and interpersonal difficulties, promoting human rights and wellbeing.

Tasks typically involve:

  • Conducting interviews with individuals and families to assess and review their situation;
  • Undertaking and writing up assessments (sometimes in collaboration with other professionals), which meet specified standards and timescales;
  • Offering information and support;
  • Organising and managing packages of support to enable people to lead the fullest lives possible;
  • Recommending and sometimes making decisions about the best course of action for a particular person or family;
  • Liaising with, and making referrals to, other agencies;
  • Participating in multidisciplinary teams and meetings regarding, for example, child protection or mental health;
  • Maintaining accurate records and preparing reports for legal action;
  • Giving evidence in court.

Meet our Psychotherapist

Esmeralda Baronet

Psychotherapist; Systemic Intervention Family Therapist
As a systemic intervention family therapist, my area of expertise is to support couples and their children. My approach focuses on empowering individuals to use their inner strengths, resources and support networks to overcome difficult experiences.


Looking after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak.

Rumours and speculation can furl anxiety. However having access to good quality information can help us feel more in control. It’s important to stay informed. There are many things we can do to support and manage our wellbeing during such times.