Nail Products: New sources of acrylate allergy

DR Renatta Murakami

28 April 2020

Nail Products: New sources of acrylate allergy

Long-lasting nail products such as Porcelain nails, Gel nail polish, Preformed artificial nails, Dipped nails, Press-on nails can cause a facial and/or eyelid rash, eczema on finger pulp, nail dystrophy and/or periungueal dermatitis due to acrylate allergy.

Acrylates are synthetic thermoplastic resins used in a multitude of products, ranging from bone cement to artificial nails.

Pain and paraesthesia of the fingertips may occur, as acrylic monomers penetrate the nail plate and may damage sensory nerve fibres.

Source: Clinical and experimental Dermatology (2020) 45 pp277-283 The Educational Journal of The British Association of Dermatologists.

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