A midwife is a health professional trained to support and care for women during pregnancy, labour and birth. They help you to stay healthy in pregnancy and, if no complications arise, to give birth with little intervention. Midwives also care for you and your baby in the first few weeks following the birth.

Your midwife will usually:
  • Check your baby’s health, growth and position
  • Advise on or help with hospital bookings and routine tests and checks
  • Give you support and advice
  • Help you prepare for labour and birth
  • Your midwife’s role during labour and birth
  • Midwives will support you through labour and birth.
They can:
  • Give you information, 
  • Encouragement and emotional support
  • Monitor your progress 
  • Suggest strategies to help your labour
  • Monitor the baby’s heartbeat and other signs
  • Offer you pain relief, or arrange for a doctor to administer it
  • Get extra medical help if needed